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Are There Marketing Jobs in the Government?

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Numerous marketing jobs are available in local, state and federal government, but they can sometimes be tough to recognize because they may have unique titles. A person with a marketing degree can research data, analyze promotion strategies, work in public relations or write and run ad campaigns, just to name a few.

Public Relations

The type of job people usually think of when they consider marketing careers is a public relations or marketing specialist. Local, county, state and federal governments hire public relations specialists to promote government activities, attract tourists and encourage economic development. These people might host events or parties, send out press releases or hold press conferences. They might also work for government agencies, such as NASA or the Food and Drug Administration, or specialize in a particular sector of the government, such as agriculture.

Securities and Bonds

People with marketing degrees are often hired by the federal government to work in bond and securities sales. These jobs involve buying and selling stocks and bonds, government securities, mutual funds and other financial products. They may also work in bond sales promotion, which involves managing a fundraising campaign for bond sales, scheduling meetings with officials, and working with print, radio and television media.

Property Use

A person with a marketing major might also specialize in how the government uses and disposes of excess property. These are often called property disposal specialists. They redistribute, donate or sell property and promote unique ways to use surplus personal property. They may work in advertising, management or charity positions. A large portion of their job typically involves marketing opportunities for the public to buy excess property or finding organizations who should receive property donations.


Another type of government job for someone in marketing is a trade specialist. These jobs may require an advanced degree in marketing or a related field. Trade specialists are experts in the movement of goods or services and the relationship to economics and politics; some even focus on the international aspects of trade. They advise about possible domestic and foreign trade opportunities and related import/export regulations, serving as liaisons with trade organizations. They also study how the actions of international trade organizations might impact the economy of the United States.

Pricing and Purchasing

The federal and state government may hire marketing majors to work as purchasing agents. These agents hire suppliers and vendors for specific contracts that involve providing materials, goods or services to the government. These agents must be very familiar with constantly changing laws and regulations. The government also hires agents to specialize in pricing. Instead of actually making purchases, these professionals study supply and demand as it relates to government restrictions and offer long- and short-term pricing recommendations.


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