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The Starting Salary for a Private School Teacher

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Teaching in a private school as opposed to a public school has some similarities, but the details differ. For example, public school teachers must be licensed in the state to teach, but private school teachers do not need a license, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Private school teachers typically need at least a bachelor's degree in education or in a related field to the subject they plan to teach.

Salary by Experience

According to PayScale, private teacher salaries vary by experience. For example, teachers just starting out with less than one year of experience earn $32,434 on average as of 2011. As new teachers gain more experience, their salaries typically increase. Private school teachers with one to four years of experience earn $35,008 a year on average, while those with five to nine years earn $40,271 on average. Private teachers with 20 or more years of experience earn $51,558 a year on average.

Salary by Grade

The grade level private school teachers work in also affects their salary, according to PayScale. In general, the older the students, the higher the salaries. Private preschool teachers earn $26,080 on average in 2011, while private elementary school teachers earn $34,720. Middle school private teachers earn $37,771, and private high school teachers earn $40,534. Teacher assistants in private schools earn $20,893, and administrative assistants in private schools earn $30,473.


According to PayScale, private school teachers working in New York City earn $50,225 as of 2011, the highest salary reported by PayScale. On the other hand, the lowest salary reported for private teachers by PayScale based on location is $39,481 in Chicago. Private school teachers in Los Angeles earn $48,711 on average; private school teachers in Houston earn $42,383; and private school teachers in Boston earn $44,675 on average.

Bonuses and Benefits

Private school teachers often receive financial bonuses and benefits in addition to their salaries. For example, according to PayScale, private elementary school teachers receive an average annual bonus of $510; middle school teachers receive $516; and high school teachers receive $1,013. Many private school teachers receive benefits like paid time off, extended summers off, paid sick time, 401k retirement savings accounts and health insurance.