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The Salary of a College Football Scout

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A college football scout is a trained individual who seeks out talented new players. To do so, he travels and watches football players perform. This helps him evaluate their skills and talents; he then relays his findings to the team he’s employed by. Scouting is usually the number-one way for professional teams to recruit new players into their ranks. This makes the job of a college football scout an important and integral part of the team staff. Scouts work together with managers and coaches in establishing future prospects; they're required to have a broad set of skills.

Entry Level

Talent scouts are often comprised of former players or coaches seeking to prolong their careers while staying in the football business; some may have only worked as a scout. The set of skills that a player or coach acquires are very important but not necessarily required for a talent scout. In fact, successful scouts often have had no playing experience: This leads them to have a different point of view, which sets them apart from other scouts.

Low Salary

The lowest 10 percent of working football scouts make around $24,000 a year. These scouts are usually either very inexperienced or working fewer hours. They also work for teams that aren't as competitive or demanding. These low-paying jobs may not be a great source of income, but they are great for building experience before moving to better opportunities. Scouting can also be done as a part-time job or as an extra source of income. If they're ex-players or coaches, they may find it easier to gain entry into the world of football scouting.

Average Salary

The median salary for a college football scout in the United States is $36,000 a year. This varies greatly based on experience, the employer, the state and working hours. This average doesn’t take into consideration additional bonuses, which are usually earned based on the scout’s performance and are usually associated with signing a new player he has recommended. A typical scout can make thousands more in bonuses on top of his average salary.

High-End Salaries

Working for the larger college programs can bring larger salaries. These teams usually pay their scouts in excess of $50,000 a year. These positions usually require more experience and have stricter demands that their scouts must meet. Bonuses are also an important factor for these teams: The bonuses may even outweigh the salaries, acting as an important incentive for a talent scout. College football scouts that make it into the National Football League, or NFL, can expect their salaries to rocket past $90,000 a year, with the top scouts making in excess of a million dollars.


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