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The Average Salary of an MLB Scouting Director

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Major League Baseball -- or MLB -- scouting directors are responsible for finding the next superstars. These scouts are tasked by MLB teams to find talented and trainable players wherever they might be. MLB scouting directors have strong baseball backgrounds, but are paid surprisingly less than MLB players. The market outlook for MLB scouting directors is expected to grow much faster than average. The salaries for MLB scouting directors are largely based on seniority and the team’s budget.

Job Description

MLB scouting directors help infuse new blood into baseball teams. These scouting bosses use their expertise to recognize emerging new baseball talent, manage other scouts and hold tryout camps to attract player prospects. Many scouting directors track ball players early in their careers -- as early as junior high and high school. MLB scouting directors may oversee a small to large staff of scouts.

Low-Salary-Range Factors

The salary range for MLB scouting directors can vary significantly. Among the primary influencing factors are track record, team size and location. An average salary for an MLB scouting director with a small staff and a few years of experience is $35,950, at the time of publication, according to Some scouting directors only work a few months of the year.

High-Salary-Range Factors

The pay at the higher end of the salary range for MLB scouting directors can be much higher. The increasing factors consist of team budget, rank and seniority. For example, a MLB scouting director with successful track record of finding star players who works for a team with a large budget can earn more than $100,000, according to “Chronicle Guidance Publications.”

Job and Salary Forecast

The market outlook for MLB scouting directors is good. Employment is expected to grow 23 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. MLB scouting directors can enhance the demand for their services by recruiting many successful baseball players and working with large, winning baseball teams. As the baseball fans' demand for winning teams and players continues to rise, the demand for MLB scouting directors will continue to grow.


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