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Salary of a Director of Football Operations in College Football

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College football has become a major source of revenue for many colleges and universities, and football teams often are run like businesses, with large staffs and budgets. The specific job responsibilities of a director of football operations vary with each school, but this individual often oversees the logistics of a team's operations, including scheduling, academic planning, travel arrangements and assisting the coaching staff when necessary.


The salary of a director of football operations varies depending on the school, size of the football program and specific responsibilities. During the 2009 football season, the assistant director of football operations at the University of Mississippi earned $75,000, and the director at the University of Georgia earned $105,000, according to ESPN. Other salaries include $125,056 in 2008 for the director at the University of Indiana, according to "The Hoosier Scoop," and $240,300 for the director at the University of Texas in 2011, according to "The Daily Texan."

Other Compensation

The coaches and staff of college football teams often earn bonuses and other forms of compensation in addition to their base salary. Assistants at the highest level of college football earned $4,166 to $176,000 in additional compensation in 2010, according to "USA Today." Bonuses may be paid out for factors such as the overall performance of the team, student graduation rates, qualifying for a bowl game and winning a championship.

Average Salaries for Coaches

Coaches and scouts at schools, universities and professional schools nationwide earned a median annual salary of $39,550 in 2008, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS reported that, in 2008, the top 10 percent of coaches and scouts in all industries earned more than $62,660, while those in the lowest 10 percent earned less than $15,330.

Average Salaries for Education Administrators

The median salary for secondary education administrators was $100,920 in 2008, according to the BLS. Education administrators are considered those who participate in research, student administration and other educational activities at colleges and universities.


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