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The Average Salary of an Assistant Coach in Men's Basketball

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Promoting teamwork and a competitive spirit, managing practice schedules, developing drills to build strength and stamina and determining game strategies are a few of the duties of an assistant coach in men's basketball. Assistant coaches typically implement the vision of the head coach and may work individually with players or manage a lower-level team, such as the junior varsity at the high school level. Salaries of assistant men's basketball coaches vary according to the levels at which their teams play and their own related duties.

Median Salary

About 225,000 coaches and player-recruitment scouts work in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual salary of all coaches and scouts combined is $28,340. Those working at colleges and universities earn a median annual salary of $39,500, while those coaching at the secondary level earn about $22,390. The BLS does not include salaries of coaches in professional sports, which are typically much higher than those of their collegiate and secondary school counterparts. Coaches may also receive bonuses for post-season play as a reward and compensation for an extended season and the additional time required.

Work Schedule

Practices, games and tournaments require a significant time commitment for most basketball coaches. Games take place in the evenings and on weekends, resulting in full-time coaches' spending significantly more than 40 hours a week working. Even those classified as part-time coaches may work as many hours during basketball season as a full-time employee in another field. Many coaches who are passionate about basketball dedicate as many hours as necessary to build a successful and well-regarded program.

University Coaching Salaries

Coaches at the university level of men's basketball may earn significantly more than the average salary reported by the BLS. At Texas State University, assistant coach salaries range from $24,000 to $125,000, according to the Texas Tribune. For basketball specifically, the team's two assistant coaching salaries are $125,000, the highest in any collegiate sport, and $75,000 as of June 2011. At the University of Florida, the published salaries of assistant men's basketball coaches range from $100,000 to $235,000 annually, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The University of Maryland pays $66,440 to one assistant coach with the least amount of experience and $99,881 and $129,468 to two other assistants with more years of coaching, according to the Washington Times.

Community College Salaries

Assistant coaches working with players at the community college level earn significantly less than their university counterparts. At Allen County Community College in Iola, Kansas, an assistant men's basketball coach earns a starting salary of $10,440 for a full-time position, according to a posting on the National Collegiate Athletic Association website. Shelton State Community College in Alabama pays it three assistant basketball coaches $1200 each.


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