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How to Get a Graduate Assistant Coaching Job

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Assistant coaching jobs at many colleges and universities are given to graduate assistants with experience in the specific sport they help coach. Holding this job allows them to attend classes as they pursue a master’s degree or other advanced education while they also remain active in the sport they may have played as an undergraduate student.

Apply for graduate school. Complete the application to become a graduate student at the school where you want coach. Submit any transcripts or documentation needed to make your application complete.

Get experience. Volunteer as a coach for little league or summer teams as well as middle school sport teams. Build on this experience and work your way up to higher levels of sports competition. Become familiar with how players are scouted and recruited, since graduate assistant coaches help the head coach with this process.

Network. Get to know coaches and athletic directors from a variety of educational institutions. Attend sporting events and conferences dedicated to coaches to assist you in developing your network. Use your network connections to find out about open graduate assistant positions as well as secure the job once you’ve submitted your application for it.

Apply for the job. Submit an application along with a résumé and cover letter detailing your interested in the graduate assistant coaching position. Discuss how your experience in coaching, recruiting, scouting and playing can contribute to the success of the team, the program and the individual players. List references that can not only speak to your experience, but also your personal qualities. Follow up the application with interviews with the hiring committee to get the job.


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