The Best Jobs and Employers of 2019, According to Glassdoor

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If you're looking to choose a professional path or make a career change, sometimes the toughest part is knowing where to start. You want to work in a position that promises high earning potential and job satisfaction, and for a company known to treat its employees well – but how are you supposed to pull such a job out of thin air?

You might not have to. Job and recruiting site Glassdoor combines job listings with a large database of company reviews, salary reports, CEO approval ratings, interview reviews, benefits reviews and office photos. Each year, the site puts out lists of the year's top jobs and best places to work – and the lists for 2019 are ready and waiting.

Best Places to Work

Boston-based global management consulting firm Bain & Company earned Glassdoor's No. 1 spot among the site's list of the 100 best places to work in 2019. It's the company's fourth year taking home that title, earning it previously in 2012, 2014 and 2017. Bain & Company, which operates 57 offices across 36 countries, credits its success to transparency and communication, according to Worldwide Managing Partner Manny Maceda.

"This year our leadership has invested in more frequent communication to share our vision and strategic ambitions for our firm, including a reaffirmation of our company mission," Maceda told Glassdoor. "The level of transparency and engagement from firm leadership translates directly to employee enthusiasm and excitement about our business outlook and firm journey."

Glassdoor bases its rankings on employee feedback, aiming to honor companies for which employees enjoy working. The ranking process doesn't take into account nominations, employee surveys, questionnaires or costs or fees – rather, it depends entirely on employee reviews on Glassdoor.

What's On the List

Job-seekers can comb through the list for ideas of ideal employers, and even divide up the ranking companies by size and location. Glassdoor's top five best large company employers include:

  1. Bain & Company
  2. Zoom Video Communications
  3. In-N-Out Burger
  4. Procore Technologies
  5. Boston Consulting Group

As for small and medium employers, Glassdoor's top five companies were:

  1. Heap
  2. Horizon Innovations
  3. Silverline
  4. Marketing 360
  5. Digital Prospectors

While scrolling through employers on Glassdoor's list of best places to work, readers can skim each company's employee rating, paired with a key quote from an employee review. The ranking includes links to all employee reviews and open positions at the company in question.

This Year's Best Jobs

The best job to have in America in 2019, according to Glassdoor's list of this year's 50 best jobs, is data scientist – for the fourth consecutive year. Glassdoor determines this ranking based on its job score, which equally weighs three factors:

  • Earning potential based on median annual base salary
  • Job satisfaction rating
  • Number of job openings

The data scientist position boasts a median base salary of $108,000 per year, plus a job satisfaction rating of 4.3 (out of 5) and 6,510 open positions. This earned the job an overall job score of 4.7 out of 5. The data scientist position's win represents recent trends in America's best job options: Tech jobs made up 19 of the 50 best jobs listed by Glassdoor, due in part to the growth of emerging technologies.

"There's no question that emerging technologies designed to grow and scale business, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are having an impact on the types of jobs employers are hiring for across the country," Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell told Forbes. "With such a healthy job market kicking off in 2019, we're seeing many of these best jobs open for people to apply to and get hired at employers across all industries and in all areas of the country."

The top 10 best jobs in America for 2019, according to Glassdoor, are as follows:

  1. Data scientist
  2. Nursing manager
  3. Marketing manager
  4. Occupational therapist
  5. Product manager
  6. Devops engineer
  7. Program manager
  8. Data engineer
  9. HR manager
  10. Software engineer


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