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The Average Salary of a Radiology Technologist in Texas

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As the health care industry grows, more positions for radiology technologists are becoming available, and a career in radiology is becoming increasingly popular. In Texas, a very populous state with a great reputation in the medical industry, job prospects for radiology professionals are optimistic as there are already over 14,000 working technicians. Radiologic technologists specialize in imaging services such as performing X-rays, tomography (CT scan), ultrasound and other diagnostic tests. The average salary of a radiology technologist in Texas depends on several factors.


Formal training is required to become a radiologist technician and is usually obtained through an associate's or bachelor's degree. Study is focused on anatomy, physiology, care procedures, radiation physics, medical terminology, medical ethics and pathology. Upon completion of training, the state of Texas requires a license to work legally as a radiology technologist. Specific areas of radiology and medicine may require extra training and certification, and some positions will require a minimum amount of experience.


The location of the facility in which a radiologist technician works may have an influence on salaries, primarily due to the cost of living and the level of demand for the service. Fort Worth has a lower-than-average wage for radiology technologists, paying an average of $48,000 a year. Cities such as Austin, Abilene and Corpus Christi pay around $52,000. The largest city in Texas, Houston, is also a nationally recognized center for medical research and treatment, and radiology technicians can expect an average salary of $59,000 a year. The statewide average salary for radiology technicians in Texas is $52,320 a year.

Type of Radiology

Not all graduates of a radiology program take jobs as general radiology technicians. Multiple options are available in radiology and come with different salaries. For example, an X-ray technician will earn well below the average radiology technician salary in Texas, making an average of $44,000 a year. Ultrasound technicians and MRI technicians make more than average, earning $59,000 and $60,000 a year, respectively. Nuclear medicine technicians will require more training and certification but can expect an average annual wage of $69,000 in Texas.


Like virtually all careers, experience will bring with it higher salaries. When starting out, a radiology tech with less than two years of experience can expect a national average wage of about $35,000 a year. However, after obtaining a bachelor's degree, continued education, and a moderate amount of experience, the average salary can reach $63,000 a year.