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The Average Salary of a Clinical Autotransfusion Technician

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Clinical autotransfusion technicians monitor the blood supply of patients during surgery or other emergency and critical care situations. Autotransfusionists test blood for bacteria, parasites, viruses and other contaminants before clearing it for use in blood transfusions, They also ensure patients have enough blood of the right type in proper amounts to save their lives during risky surgical procedures.

National Average

In 2010, the mean or average income of a clinical autotransfusion technician was $38,190 per year or $18.36 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual income that same year was $36,280. The 5.3 percent difference between the median and mean suggest that the average is near the typical salary.

Industry Comparisons

An employer's industry always affects salary. The biggest employing industries vary a little in their average salaries paid to clinical autotransfusion technicians. The biggest employing industry in 2010 was general medical and surgical hospitals with an average annual salary of $38,920. An industry the BLS calls "other ambulatory health care services" paid autotransfusionists $35,100 per year on average. The highest payers were dental practices with an average salary of $53,460 per year.

State Comparisons

Location also affects income averages. The state with the highest concentration of clinical autotransfusionists in 2010 was Georgia where the average salary was $33,250 per year. Rhode Island was the top paying state that year with a mean annual salary of $59,510. However, the biggest employer was California where the mean income was $42,490 per year.

Metro Comparisons

Salaries for clinical autotransfusion technicians vary not just by state but also by metropolitan area. The metro area employing the most autotransfusionists was the greater Los Angeles area with a mean annual income of $38,800. Across the country, the metro area of Gainesville, Georgia, paid clinical autotransfusion technicians an average $31,870 per year. The highest paying metro in the country was the combined metro area of Vallejo-Fairfield in California where the average salary was $55,380 per year.


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