The Average Salary of a Chiropractic Assistant

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Chiropractic assistants, or medical assistants, perform both clerical and medical duties. Assistants don't hold a degree and therefore don't treat or diagnose patients. However, they can take vital statistics, gather medical histories and collect specimens. According to Payscale, nearly all chiropractic assistants are female and don't receive medical benefits. Assistants are paid an hourly wage and get overtime pay. Some also earn bonuses and profit-sharing.

Salary by National Average

Payscale reports the national average income for chiropractic assistants as being between $9.76 and $12.89 an hour. Overtime averages between $13.65 and $19.71 an hour. Bonuses add anything from $135 to $825 to that figure annually, and profit-sharing can add $400 to $1,750. Medical and physician's offices tend to pay assistants a bit more than chiropractic offices.

Salary by Experience

Medical assistants with experience in their field can make more money than beginners. For instance, an assistant with only a few years in her industry can expect to make between $8 and $11 an hour, while an assistant with five to nine years of experience can expect to earn $10 to $14 an hour. Assistants with 20 years of experience and more can make as much as $16 an hour.

Possibilities for Advancement

Medical and chiropractic assistants can gain promotions and greater pay by earning certifications. For example, associations such as the American Association of Medical Assistants and the Association of Medical Technologists award assistants with credentials that can help them earn higher wages. They can go on to teach medical assistance or move into managerial positions.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks medical assistants as one of the fastest-growing occupations between 2008 and 2018. As technology advances and more medical procedures are discovered, the services of assistants will be in great demand. In addition, assistants will be needed to assist doctors in treating more patients. Assistants with training and certification will have greater chances of being hired.