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Orthopedic Medical Assistant Duties

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In an orthopedic setting, medical office assistants perform clerical duties in additional to clinical assistance. Generally a medical assistant completes a two year program to receive an associate’s degree. Based on the employer, on the job training may be an option. A medical assistant in a orthopedic office must have knowledge of musculoskeletal systems since that is the main focus of an orthopedist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a medical office assistant employed in an orthopedic office earns around $28,710 per year and state laws control what duties she is allowed to perform.


Responsibilities of a medical office assistant employed in an orthopedic office include performing clerical tasks. Clerical tasks include completing medical insurance forms, answering the telephone, scheduling appointments for patients, completing patient histories on medical records, filing patient charts and setting up outpatient testing as requested by the physician.

A medical assistant in an orthopedic office also gathers and verifies patient insurance information. She also requests a referral if needed from other physicians before patients are treated. If it is required by the employer, a medical assistant may also perform medical transcription, medical coding and insurance and patient billing.

Patient Interaction

Under the supervision of the orthopedist, medical office assistants interview patients and gather medical information for the physician. Hey may require that the medical assistant educates the patients concerning musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and treatments. Receiving information from patients to establish medical histories, taking vital signs and preparing lab samples for testing are also duties performed by a medical office assistant's in an orthopedic office. An additional duty in an orthopedic office is preparing a patient for X-rays and explaining the procedure.


A medical assistant in an orthopedic office offers care and treatment to patients under the supervision of an orthopedist. Treatment consists of applying splints to limbs, bandaging wounds and other assistance as requested form the physician. Also, she may perform range of motion tests to report injury severity.

As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistic, under direction of the doctor, a medical assistant may be asked to administer medication, authorize medication refills or assist in out-patient surgical procedures in an orthopedic office such as draining a ganglion cyst.


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