The Average Hourly Wage for a Child Care Provider in Michigan

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The Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth predicts that an increased demand for child care workers in Michigan will create more than 2,900 new jobs in the state from 2008 through 2018. The department reports that as of 2009, child care workers in the state earned an average of $10.38 per hour, exceeding the nationwide average of $10.07 by 3 percent. Child care workers in Michigan received an average of $21,590 annually.


Hourly wages for child care workers in southeastern Michigan exceeded the statewide average salaries by 2 to 5 percent as of 2009, according to the department report. The metropolitan area of Detroit, Livonia and Dearborn featured the highest average wages in the region at $10.90 per hour. Monroe served as the second-highest paying city at $10.82 hourly. Child care workers in Ann Arbor earned an hourly average of $10.69, while those in Warren, Troy and Farmington Hills averaged $10.67, making them the lowest-paid in the region.


The cities of Holland and Grand Haven were the highest-paying places for child care workers statewide as of 2009. Workers in the communities made an average of $11.25 per hour, roughly 8 percent below the statewide average. Pay rates for child care workers in the metropolitan areas of western Michigan generally met or exceeded the statewide average with just two exceptions. In Kalamazoo and Portage, child care workers earned an average of $9.12 hourly. Niles Harbor and Benton were the lowest-paying cities for child care workers not just in the region, but statewide, with hourly wages averaging $8.66.

Other Metropolitan Areas

The only major metropolitan area in Michigan outside of the southeastern and western regions to have wages for child care workers at or above the statewide average was Lansing. Workers in the city received an average of $10.38 per hour as of 2009. Child care workers in Battle Creek earned an average of $8.93 hourly, making them the second-lowest paid statewide. In Saginaw, child care workers made an average of $9.81 per hour, while those in Flint averaged $9.66.

Rural Areas

In Michigan's rural areas, wages for child care workers were an average of 1 to 2 percent below the statewide average as of 2009, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wages were highest in the rural areas in the northwestern part of Michigan's lower peninsula, where child care workers earned an average of $10.32 per hour. Workers in the upper peninsula and the northeastern part of the lower peninsula received an hourly average of $10.16. In the remaining rural areas throughout the state, child care workers made an average of $10.15 per hour.


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