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The Average Hourly Rate for Handyman Services

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Whether residential or commercial, all buildings require maintenance of equipment, cooling and heating systems, paint jobs and drywall repairs. Handyman services are available for both residents and business to hire at an hourly rate based on the type of job that needs to be done and the handyman’s level of experience.

Average Hourly Rate

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly rate for handyman services in the United States was $17.56 as of May 2009. Rates started at less than $10 per hour in the 10th percentile and less than $12.76 in the 25th percentile, with the median hourly rate at $16.65. In the 75th percentile, handymen earned over $21.62 an hour and in the 90th percentile rates exceeded $26.72 an hour.


Lessors of real estate employed the highest level of handymen as of 2009, and services charged an average hourly rate of $15.17, according to the BLS. The local government paid an average of $18.46 an hour for handymen services, while elementary and secondary schools paid an average of $18.44. Handymen working in activities related to real estate earned an average of $15.75 an hour, and those in traveler accommodation earned an average of $14.62 an hour.


The highest concentration of handyman services was in the state of Louisiana, where the BLS reports an average hourly rate of $16.06. The highest rates were in Alaska, where handymen earned $21.44 an hour, followed by the District of Columbia at $21.33 an hour. Connecticut, Massachusetts and Illinois also had higher than average hourly rates for handymen services ranging from $19.95 to $20.55.


On-the-job training is the typical training method for handymen, but those interested in advancing may pursue certification from the International Management Institute, which offers three levels of credentials that cover topics such as blueprints, piping, electricity and landscape maintenance. Handyman services had the highest average hourly rates in the industries of couriers and express delivery services at $27.32 and motor vehicle manufacturing at $27.68.