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Starting an Industrial Maintenance Company

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An industrial maintenance company typically provides a wide range of services including cleaning, routine equipment maintenance and repair, painting and installations. Various industries have different requirements, so an aspiring entrepreneur should spend time finding where there is a need and what kinds of services are lacking in the area. Start by finding experienced staff before offering services you may not be able to provide. Hire an electrician who is familiar with large industrial equipment. Look for subcontractors in the beginning who are capable of working on-call when needed. Check with sites such as Networx Electricians for referrals to pre-qualified electricians. Find professionals who can work on HVAC equipment, mechanics experienced in large industrial operations and industrial engineers to reconfigure a plant for clients. Include in your roster of available talent a software technician who can go in and troubleshoot computer problems.


Hire and train a cleaning crew. Be prepared to handle jobs such as cleaning industrial curing ovens, ductwork and exhaust systems, fans and light fixtures, in addition to floors, restrooms and offices. Contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to set up training programs for your cleaning staff. OSHA-trained employees will provide your company with the credibility and the expertise to tackle most job opportunities for your company. Trainers from OSHA will come to your business and provide 10- to 30-hour programs to cover environmental issues, how to work around hazardous materials and how to recognize various chemicals, in addition to other necessary tools to prepare your crews for the industrial environment.


Invest in a software program that can help to manage your business and give you the ability to manage the maintenance schedules of your clients. By offering customers this service, you will take all the maintenance concerns off the client's plate while making yourself indispensable and securing the contract. Programs such as those offered by Wintac provide customer service management platforms, the ability to monitor service calls and set up mobile appointments, installation tracking, estimating tools, purchasing and inventory control and payroll management. Look for suppliers of innovative cleaning products that will make the best use of your staff time and impress clients. Consider a company such as New Pig that produces absorbents for industrial use that are utilized for spill response, handling various toxic materials, filtering liquids and keeping workers safe while they tackle tough industrial cleanups. Set up vendors such as Hako-Werke for industrial vacuum cleaners, floor and wall cleaning machines and sweepers.


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