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Skills Required for a Telecommunications Job

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A telecommunications job requires an employee to work closely with voice, video and Internet services. While some jobs include only one of the three areas, larger companies combine all services for the customer. A telecommunications employee must have a certain skill set to be an asset for the company and be a successful employee.

Technological Skills

An individual must have certain technological skills to be a successful telecommunications worker. This includes having technological knowledge of the products and services being sold by the company and knowing what other products are on the market. For instance, a customer might have a general idea of what she wants in a cell phone, but she might not know what phones are on the market that suit her needs. A telecommunications worker should be able to offer her the best phones on the market that suit her needs.


Some telecommunications jobs require an employee to work partly from an office and partly on the road for sales and promotional purposes. The employee could be responsible for organizing the events and tasks that need to be completed while in the office and on the road. Organizational skills are important, especially if many tasks must be completed while out of the office and away from managerial supervision.


Multitasking is another effective skill that telecommunications workers must have. This is because several customers might need to be served at the same time, so communicating well and finding the proper products for everyone is an asset. While one employee is physically finding the products, another is answering any questions the customers have about specific products. Identifying which customers need which products is a skill that you will use quite frequently in a larger telecommunications store.


A telecommunications worker must communicate well with both coworkers and customers, because a telecommunications job is often considered a sales job. The worker must effectively sell cell phones, Internet services and television cable packages. In the workplace, the employee must communicate the tasks and assignments that need to be completed and that have been completed by the team.


Self-motivation is another skill a telecommunications worker must have, especially if the work must be completed out of the office or at home. Self-motivation is also necessary if the employee earns most of his income by the commission of sales of cell phones, cable and Internet services.


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