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How to Set Insurance Producer Goals

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An insurance producer is more commonly called an insurance broker or agent. In this job, your ultimate goal is to sell insurance policies. However, there are also other goals you should set to ensure a successful career.

Pinpoint Your Objectives

The first step in setting goals as an insurance producer is to identify them. If your aim is to sell a specific type of insurance, determine the methods you might use in accomplishing that. If you work in health insurance, for example, you have to know the ins and outs of the plans and services provided by your company. When you discuss your companies' health insurance plans with potential customers, you need to establish the goal of understanding which plans are most suited to their needs. This entails considering factors such as the customer's budget and overall health. Another important goal to set is to offer clear and accessible details to your clientele.

Look at the Long-Term

An insurance producer's job doesn't end when he completes a sale and receives his commission. Once a customer commits to a certain insurance plan, the insurance producer is responsible for assisting her in turning in all of the relevant paperwork. Once all of that has been finalized, the insurance producer's goal is to maintain communication with the customer, aiding her with any concerns about the plan she might have. The insurance producer serves as a liaison of sorts between customers and insurance companies.

Maintain Your License

If you're an insurance producer, you should set a goal of renewing your license whenever necessary. Doing this often requires additional training, usually in the form of workshops that review new trends and regulations in the insurance industry. If your license is always current, you remain eligible to perform all of the functions of insurance producers. If a license is expired for a certain length of time, you might need to go through a longer process to renew it. For example, in New York, if your license has been expired for more than two years, you have to retake the exam and submit a paper application, attach documents showing you passed the exam, and pay a fee.

Handle Daily Tasks and Duties

While selling insurance is the overall goal, insurance producers also need to set goals that involve organization. Figure out what tasks you must perform to keep your client relationships as smooth and effective as possible. Be prompt in sending your customers all of the paperwork they need to get or renew a policy. If your customer's plan has any changes, inform her as soon as possible. Make sure your customer's profiles always contain the latest and most relevant information. Being meticulous and detail-oriented is key for setting -- and achieving -- insurance producer goals, day in and day out.