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Sample Interviewing Questions

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There are several things that you can do to prepare for a job interview. Some of these include studying information available on the company, analyzing the requirements of the posted job position and matching the skills necessary for the job to your experience listed on your resume. Another thing that you can do is to practice for common interview questions so that you have articulate answers prepared.

Give Me a Reason

A sample interview question that might give you pause is for the interviewer to ask you why he should hire you. When you're deciding how to answer this question, consider what makes you a good candidate for the job. Think about what aspects of your work experience and personality stand out in a positive manner. You want to leave the interviewer convinced that you are the best candidate for the position.

Personal Goals

An interviewer may ask you to name a personal accomplishment that you're extremely proud of. She may also ask you to tell her how you achieved this goal. A second version of this question is for the interviewer to ask you about a professional goal. When answering the question in either form, give the interviewer a summary of the goal, explain why you set it for yourself and outline the steps that you took to achieve it. Your answer to this question gives an idea of your problem solving capabilities and reasoning skills.

Talk About You

If an interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself, you should have something engaging to say that relates to your ability to perform the main duties of the position while also showcasing your personality and work ethic. Do not waste your answer on giving a dry recitation of a skills list or mentioning intangible qualities such as being a "hard worker." Try to give concrete reasoning and examples in your reply.

Skills for a Position Specific

If you studied the position requirements and your resume, replying when the interviewer asks you what skills you can bring to the position should be a simple process. The interviewer wants to know what you would be able to do if you were hired. Let the interviewer know what you're like as a worker, how you would approach the tasks of the position and what you would be able to do to assist in meeting the company's goals. This question helps the interviewer judge how well you would fit into the existing company culture and structure.