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Good Organizational Skills for a Strength in a Job

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During a job interview, your interviewer will probably ask you to share your greatest strength. This question provides a great opportunity to impress your potential employer. Stating that you have good organizational skills is one of several good answers you can provide. While organization in general will help you succeed in any job, to answer this question you should hone in on a specific organizational skill that fits in with the position for which you are interviewing.

Time Management

If a job position requires the ability to work independently, excellent time management skills are a necessity. Give your interviewer examples of scheduling and planning tools you have used to manage your time. Let him know how you handled interruptions and ways you have multi-tasked to maximize available time.

Record Keeping

A strong record keeping ability is vital for positions in areas, such as finance, human resources and legal departments. You should be able to describe systems and methodologies you have used in the past to keep matters in order. If you had to reorganize a legacy system, share the steps you undertook to revamp it.

Collecting And Interpreting Data

Some professions require the ability to collect and interpret data, such as careers in medicine or research. During your interview, explain techniques you have used to gather detailed information. Briefly go over your process to compile and analyze the data. Share positive feedback you received on reports that you prepared.


Most careers involve jobs with multiple responsibilities and tasks. You should talk about how you can evaluate everything you need to do and prioritize so you handle the most important functions first. Share an example of how you managed to meet a deadline during extreme circumstances, such as system failure or while covering for a coworker's unexpected absence.


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