Salary of an Equinox Personal Trainer

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Equinox personal trainers are employed by Equinox Fitness, which is a luxury fitness company that provides top quality fitness services to upper-class American citizens. Due to the fact that Equinox has built its brand upon providing very high quality personal training facilities and services to its customers, trainers employed by Equinox are generally expected to have an extensive background in fitness with a good deal of experience before applying for a position. As an Equinox personal trainer, you will be able to work with three separate Equinox brands, including Equinox Fitness, PURE Yoga and Blink Fitness.

Equinox Academy Training

Prospective trainers should register with Equinox Academy, which is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in personal training. It provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field for those who are novices and for those who may or may not have already completed a national or international personal training certification. There are no prerequisites for Equinox Academy Training. Although Equinox only hires certified trainers, Equinox Academy is merely a stepping stone before moving on to certification training.

Certifications and Experience

Equinox trainers must hold current personal training certification from an accredited organization. Organizations offering personal training certification include the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) and others. You are also expected to have current CPR/AED certification, which can be obtained through the American Red Cross or another organization in your local area. As outlined by their employment requirements, Equinox Fitness states that they also look for prospective trainers that have previous personal training experience.

Salary and Benefits

Equinox trainers can expect to earn well over $100,000 annually, mainly because the company focuses on providing extremely top quality and luxurious fitness services. All trainers receive periodic retention bonuses and a competitive benefits package, along with career advancement opportunities such as the chance to become an instructor, advanced trainer or club manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal trainers or “fitness workers” earned about $19,610 to $60,760 in 2008. These statistics do not include those who are self-employed. Equinox trainers can expect to earn a much higher salary in comparison to the average personal trainer.

Other Qualifications

Equinox trainers are expected to possess more than just the necessary certifications and fitness requirements. Trainers must have excellent verbal and written communication skills while also exhibiting honesty and personal integrity. Enthusiasm, energy, personality and friendliness are all characteristics that are heavily weighted in the hiring process and qualities of passion, ambition, intelligence and knowledge regarding the fitness industry must be present. Lastly, all trainers must excel in time management, organization and follow-up skills to be successfully considered for an Equinox personal training position.