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Salary of a Dockmaster

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Dockmasters chiefly work as transportation supervisors and marina ambassadors, directing water traffic and performing administrative duties such as bookkeeping and coordinating correspondence between the marina and the public. Though location variables make it difficult to peg the average salary of dockmasters -- a figure that ranges greatly -- firsthand reports and salary surveys help paint a clear picture of reasonable earnings expectations.

Average Salary

Based on the results of a survey conducted at the 2011 Dry Dock Conference, dry dock experts at DM Consulting estimated the average yearly salary of a dockmaster at $78,000. Reports released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2009 support this figure, indicating a median annual wage of $79,490 for transportation managers such as dockmasters, with the median hourly wage clocking in at $38.22.

Location Variation and Salary Range

DM Consulting reported a vast salary range for dockmasters in 2011, estimating yearly earnings between $36,000 and $100,000. Location plays a large role in determining the salary of a dockmaster. For instance, 2011 reports from Economic Research Institute affiliate Salary Expert indicated average yearly earnings of $46,513 in Atlanta, Georgia. In contrast, dockmasters in the more metropolitan New York City earned average annual salaries of $65,963, according to the same data. At the mid-range, dockmasters in Miami earned $56,214.


Before starting to earn a salary, dockmasters must meet certain qualifications for employment. Most dockmasters hold a bachelor's degree or postbaccalaureate certificate. Dockmasters need such skills as critical thinking, coordination, time management and systems evaluation. Employers prefer dockmasters with office skills, public relations experience and maritime experience.


Benefits for dockmasters vary per employer, but dockmasters generally have similar job perks. Common benefits include healthcare plans such as dental and vision insurance. Dockmasters often partake in retirement plans such as 401(k)s or retirement systems designed for public employees. In some cases, dockmasters receive housing and transportation, or transportation vouchers.