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Salary for a High School Baseball Coach

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The salary for high school baseball coaches varies. Variables that affect baseball coaching salaries include experience, the coach's track record, the size of the school, its geographic location and the coach's education and certification. These factors all play into the determination of the final pay package. The coach's experience, for example, determines whether he functions as one of the coaches for the team or as the head coach for the team.

Median Salary of High School Baseball Coaches

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median or average salary for high school coaches in the U.S. is $30,830 per year as of 2010. Pay varies by geographic location. Top-paying states for high school baseball coaches are the District of Columbia (DC), Mississippi and New Hampshire. When comparing coaching salaries by cities, metropolitan areas in the South (Texas, Florida and Alabama) comprise the top four coaching salaries in metropolitan areas nationwide.

Other Income Sources for High School Baseball Coaches

High school baseball coaches often teach high school in addition to coaching baseball. In this case, according to State University, they earn between $800 and $3,000 per year in addition to their teaching salary. So, the overall pay package includes their teacher salary plus a stipend for coaching. This is why the average pay for high school coaches is higher than the average pay for teachers. High school coaches work, on average, 39 more days per year than a high school teacher. In addition, high school coaches earn extra income off season or during summer break by working for baseball camps or clinics.

Coaching Schedules

According to BLS, about half of all coaches work part-time or maintain a variable schedule as opposed to full-time coaching. In this case, the coach teaches or has some other occupation and coaches on the side. Since the baseball season does not last all year, the coach may coach other sports at the school such as football, basketball, track, tennis or swimming, for instance during the part of the year when baseball is not active.

Prospects for Coaching Salaries

Coaches often start their baseball coaching career as an assistant baseball coach. With experience, an assistant coach moves into a head coach position. Head baseball coaches usually earn higher salaries than those who report to the head coach. To earn higher salaries, high school baseball coaches with experience may progress into coaching for colleges, universities and professional schools where salaries average $48,610 per year. The larger universities in the most competitive programs will offer the best salary prospects to coaches with extensive experience. The next level of coaching is moving into the minor leagues and major leagues of professional baseball. According to the BLS, the highest-paid professional baseball coaches earn much more than other coaches.


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