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Safety Using Toasters in the Office

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Many office break rooms include a toaster or toaster oven, in addition to the traditional refrigerator and microwave. While providing a toaster is convenient, it can turn problematic if misused or neglected.

Safety Cut-off Switch.

As recommended by, a Internet toaster retailer, when purchasing a toaster for the office, look for a toaster with a safety cut-off switch. This will cut off the power to the toaster in the event of a mechanical failure.

Safe Break Room

The \"Workplace Safety Toolkit\" recommends keeping any cooking appliances in a well-ventilated area. Ventilation standards are determined by the size and location of the room. The area also should have a smoke alarm.

CheckRecalls Regularly.

Know the make of your office’s toaster and do a weekly web search for recalls. If the toaster is new, register it with its manufacturer to have it notify you of a recall. This is typically done through a postcard in the original packaging.

Safe Use

Discourage your coworkers from sticking a utensil in a toaster. If a piece of food is stuck in the toaster, unplug the toaster, and then follow the toaster’s instruction manual about how to dislodge the stuck piece.

Unplug also recommends unplugging toasters when not in use. Take care of the power cord and plug, and don’t let it dangle or get tangled with other cords.?


The contributors at, another website devoted to all things toaster, emphasize the importance of cleaning a toaster or toaster oven regularly. In addition to emptying the toaster of crumbs (follow your toaster’s instructions), they recommend using a small brush or toothbrush to carefully clean the inside of the toaster. Of course, make sure the toaster has cooled down and is unplugged before doing any cleaning.


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