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Office Housekeeping Duties

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Keeping an office clean and tidy makes it look professional for customers, business associates and co-workers. When there is clutter, things become unorganized. Therefore, daily housekeeping is needed for the office to stay clean.

Welcome/Reception Area

Keep the front area of the office vacuumed, with the frequency depending on daily traffic. For example, the area may need to be vacuumed once every hour or once every four hours. Straighten magazines and dispose of litter. Keep the receptionist desk tidy.


Sweep bathroom floors every afternoon and night. Touch up bathrooms with hourly checks. Wipe down and disinfect the toilets, counters and sinks with industrial strength cleaner. Keep a small broom and dustpan near the door for quick cleanups. Remove trash nightly and throughout the day as needed.

Individual Workspaces

Use waste baskets for each cubicle or office space to immediately dispose of trash. Wipe down keyboards and mice with disinfectant wipes then wipe down the desk. Also disinfect telephones and headsets. Vacuum floors every night.

Break Room/Eating Area

Floors in the break room/eating area should be swept whenever there is trash in sight on the floors. Mop the floors nightly and disinfect the tables, counters and the outside of the refrigerator(s) with antibacterial cleaner before and after you eat. Clean refrigerators weekly, disposing of unused food and bags. Empty trashcans after lunch and at night.

Overall Office Space

Clean the overall office space nightly and as needed. Vacuuming when it will not disturb the office. Sweep whenever trash is present. Wipe down office equipment daily to avoid dust accumulation and to keep the equipment looking professional. Collect trash from each waste basket that has trash. Before vacuuming, use carpet freshener to give the office a clean smell.