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Resume Objective Statement for Industrial Workers

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Industrial employees work at factories and manufacturing companies and produce consumer goods. Experienced industrial workers manage production operations, create effective assembly lines, oversee product development and facilitate quality controls to meet company standards. Many high-level industrial workers operate complex technical systems and computerized equipment that make production fast and efficient. You need a strong objective statement for your industrial worker resume so you can capture the hiring manager's attention and secure a job interview.

Technical Skills

Create a resume objective statement that showcases your technical skills. Industrial workers often use small hand-held tools, large equipment, machinery and computers to complete assignments. Job candidates who have fine and gross motor skills often stand out in a pool of applicants. Keep your objective statement to one or two concise sentences and focus on your expert skills. You might say, "Looking for an industrial worker position using my blueprint reading skills, experience with computer-aided design technology and advanced knowledge of commercial equipment to oversee production, troubleshoot workforce and technical problems and expand production" or "Pursuing an industrial manager position where I can use my expertise with computerized technology to organize expedient assembly lines, coordinate work-flow demands with facility managers and meet production deadlines."

Managerial Abilities

Focus on leadership and managerial roles you've held, so a hiring manager can quickly separate your resume from others who don't have supervisory experience. The work experience section and skills section on your resume should support your objective statement and provide solid evidence of your qualifications. In your objective statement, use words such as "oversee," "supervise," "manage," "lead" or "organize." These buzz words make you stand out as someone right for a lead role rather than a subordinate position.

Versatile Competencies

Ensure your objective statement is broad enough that you come across as a candidate with diverse skills. Unless the job description calls for experience with a specific type of equipment or familiarity with a specific production process, stress your versatile understanding of various production methods. Focus on general areas of expertise in your objective statement, such as your ability to use computer-aided technology, operate commercial equipment and create successful production methods. Use the skill or experience sections of your resume to discuss specific details, such as your experience with ISO 9000 or Six Sigma to help you identify production defects.

Interpersonal Skills

Industrial workers who have leadership roles must interact with other departments on a regular basis. For example, just-in-time production techniques require companies to keep low inventory levels, so communication between managers and suppliers is essential to ensure timely shipping and receiving of product components, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Briefly mention your strong communication skills, troubleshooting experience or ability to work effectively with other departments when creating your objective statement. A team-centered, goal-directed objective statement can help your resume stand out from the rest.