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Resume Objective Examples for a Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy technicians play an important role in pharmacies. Their primary role is to serve as an aide to the pharmacist on duty, taking care of basic administrative matters. Pharmacy technicians take prescription orders from physicians, count pills and create the labels used on prescription medications. For many people, working as a pharmacy technician is not necessarily their highest aspiration, and many pharmacy managers will be aware of this. Pharmacy technicians applying for jobs can use this to their advantage when writing their resume objective.


Writing an effective pharmacy technician resume objective requires that you first understand the main purpose of the objective in the first place. So many people write ineffective resume objectives that it is almost a waste of their time to even bother including it as part of the resume. An effective resume objective will catch the reader's attention and cause him to look further into your qualifications and experience by perusing the rest of the resume. This is especially important when applying for pharmacy technician positions in busy pharmacies where there may be significant competition for jobs. The resume object needs to be short and sweet -- just enough to tickle the curiosity of the hiring manager. The objective serves as a preview for the resume, but does not give the reader all of the information up front.


Rather than stating the obvious that you are trying to get a job working in XYZ Pharmacy, your resume objective should allude to some more loftier goals that you have in mind. Even if you don't plan on becoming a pharmacist later on, the very expression of such an interest is sure to tantalize the resume reader: "Seeking a position with a prominent pharmaceutical company to learn the industry from the ground up. Also seeking to advance as I gain the necessary knowledge to take on more responsibility." This implies the possibility of wanting to move on later in your career to serve in any number of different capacities, without being overly specific.


Your potential employer will also want to know what type of contribution you will be making to the pharmacy. You can also include this in your resume objective. The resume objective itself needs to be one or two sentences, so you have limited space to provide this information. Allude to your primary skills and add this to your goals statement: "Seeking an entry-level opportunity with advancement potential in the pharmaceutical industry. Looking to contribute by putting my superior customer service skills to good use in the service of your pharmacy."


An indication that you know about the pharmacy to which you are applying is another important component of the resume objective that you can include. Some level of knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry can set you apart from the other applicants in your field. If the company which you are applying to is one of the five largest pharmacies in the country, indicate your knowledge of the opportunity you may have in working for such a prestigious company: "Seeking to make a contribution to the third-highest grossing pharmacy in the United States by learning the industry from the ground up and using my superior customer service and organizational skills." Research the pharmacy and learn its place in the pharmaceutical market.