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Resume Format for Banking

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Thirty seconds. This is the amount of time given to most banking resumes, according to the Wetfeet Insider Guide. Your challenge is selling yourself -- fast. Your resume should read like a banking resume and should be clean, direct and conservative. Use your resume to show your related financial experience, leadership potential and client focus. Only include information that will impress the employer. A well-written resume can get you the interview, so that you can get the job.

Selecting Information for Your Resume

According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, you need to think like the employer. The information you include on your resume for a bank job is different than the information you might include if you were applying for a computer programming or health care job. Include information that would be helpful specifically for the bank job -- tell the employer about your related training, certifications and experience. The Vermont Department of Labor suggests creating an "asset list" that includes all the assets you have to offer an employer. Evaluate these assets for relevance to your banking job and use these to sell yourself on your resume.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

The banking industry is all about numbers -- so quantify and highlight your measurable accomplishments on your resume. Showcase your results and ability to make money. Come up with three to five accomplishment statements that are direct, objective and relevant. Provide examples, use action verbs and use banking-industry keywords. Banks want to know about accomplishments related to saving money, improving products and services, solving problems, handling large amounts of money and increasing profits. Think of problems you have faced, how you solved each and what the result was. List these accomplishment statements below your contact information, in the "summary of qualifications" section.

Include Relevant Skills

According to the Wetfeet Insider Guide, the big four characteristics sought in the banking industry are analytical ability, result-focused drive, communication skills and effective team player. The Vermont Department of Labor includes the skills of strategic financial planning, new business development, planning and analysis, credit, cash management, debt negotiation and financial data processing as relevant to finance and accounting jobs. Similarly, the department lists marketing, sales development, rapport-building, selling, cost analysis and communication as helpful skills for a banking job that focuses on sales, customer service or marketing. Include those relevant skills you possess on your resume.

Banking Keywords and Verbs

Pack your resume with banking keywords and related verbs. According to the Vermont Department of Labor, keywords in the banking and finance industry include account settlement, asset valuation, commercial loan operations, commercial banking, retail banking, estate planning, investment managing, NYSE, NASDAQ and risk management. The John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University suggests using action verbs that are industry-specific, such as accounted, allocated, appraised, audited, balanced, calculated, examined, forecasted, managed, maximized and planned when applying for jobs that require financial skills.