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How to Really Know You Aced Your Interview

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Midway through an interview, you might begin to think things are going very well. Interviewers are smiling and nodding, your anecdotes have never sounded so witty, and there seems to be an encouraging alignment between your qualifications and the job at hand. You might head for the elevators feeling sure that the interview went well. Knowing that you aced your interview can be a major confidence booster. Certain signals from prospective employers can hint that you might have just landed the job.

Look for Body Language

Watch for positive body language that could indicate you’re impressing interviewers. When prospective employers are smiling, nodding and leaning toward you, this indicates interest and approval of what you’re saying, according to "U.S. News and World Report." Engaged individuals will mirror one another’s gestures, but it’s often subtle. If you reach for a sip of water and notice that your interviewer suddenly takes a swig, it could signal that he is attuned to your overall message. Don’t spoil the effect by making exaggerated mirroring gestures, though.

On-the-Fly Introductions

Another sign you aced your interview is spontaneous introductions. For example, your interview might have been scheduled with the project manager. If she suddenly rises to state “I want you to meet our director of development,” you’ve made a positive impression. Even if it’s an apparently casual introduction -- for example, en route from the interview room to the elevators -- treat the introduction as a formal part of the interview and greet individuals with respect and professionalism.

Future-Oriented References

When you’re nailing an interview, prospective employers can’t help but visualize how you might fit in with the company someday soon. Listen for verbal hints of future collaboration. For example, an interviewer might say things like, “When you join the team …” or “Once you start …” according to "CBS News Money Watch." Statements like this indicate you’re a serious contender for employment.

The Big Sell

Another sign you really aced the interview is when a potential boss spends more time describing how much you would love working for the company than quizzing you about your qualifications and skills, "CBS News Money Watch" reports. If you’re hearing a lot about the incredible collaborative environment, lavish benefits packages, research opportunities and other perks, chances are you’re being courted for the job. Interviewers might also ask whether you’re interviewing elsewhere in an effort to gauge their competition.

Setting a Date

If your job interview left would-be employers breathless, they will likely set a firm date for follow-up. They might say you can expect a phone call by Friday or within two weeks. Setting a date indicates you have earned the right to a personal “yes” or “no,” while other candidates might wait in perpetuity, wondering whatever became of their job interviews.