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Proper Height for a Desk Chair

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Many people spend more time in an office chair than at any other activity during the day, including sleeping. This makes it important to have the right office chair adjusted to the correct height for the user.


A desk chair that is improperly adjusted for height can lead to poor posture and stress on the back, shoulders, wrists, legs and arms. Stress in these areas can lead to repetitive motion injuries and other problems. These injuries reduce employee comfort and productivity.

Optimal Adjustments

The correct height of the desk chair varies with each person using it. For the best posture while working, body parts should be in the most neutral positions possible. A chair's height, therefore, should be adjusted so that the thighs are horizontal and parallel with the floor while the feet are flat on the floor.


The backrest should give support for the lumbar, or base of the spine. The seat pan should have a rounded or waterfall edge to relieve pressure on the legs. Look for about a three- or four-finger width between the knees and the chair's front edge to allow for full blood circulation in the legs.