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Construction Site Attire Rules

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Workers and visitors on construction sites must wear the proper attire. This is required primarily for safety issues. Workers on job sites are told basic rules by their employers regarding what is required to wear. When visitors come to job sites, signs are often posted informing them what attire is required to come onto the construction site.


The dress code for construction sites is designed first and foremost for safety reasons. The type of clothing that is required of workers and visitors is intended to protect these individuals from the dangers of construction sites.


Most construction sites require workers to wear either short-sleeve shirts or long-sleeve shirts. No sleeveless attire is allowed. If workers wear long-sleeve shirts, they must fit snugly and not be baggy in any way. Baggy shirts have the potential to get stuck in moving machinery and can cause harm to workers. Workers and visitors must also wear long pants versus shorts. Long pants also can help protect a worker’s legs from getting harmed.

Protective Attire

Most construction sites require workers and visitors to wear hard hats. These are to protect the individuals from injuries caused by falling objects. Hard hats also are designed to keep workers heads cool in summer months. Safety glasses are another basic requirement for workers who are working with or near machinery. Many construction workers also are required to wear safety gloves when doing certain jobs, such as handling wood. The gloves protect a worker’s hands from splinters and other sharp objects. Gloves are typically rated from one to five, with five being the heaviest. Construction sites recommend workers wear gloves that are rated around two or three. Work boots are another necessity on construction sites. Construction sites typically require either hard-soled or steel-toed shoes or boots. These protect feet from injuries caused by stepping on sharp objects such as nails.

Other Rules

When workers or visitors are near or using loud machinery, ear plugs should be worn to protect the ears from damage. If workers have long hair it should be tied back to avoid it getting stuck in machinery, and no jewelry should be worn on job sites. Most construction sites require workers to wear safety vests, which are very bright in color. During the day, the bright colors are easy for people to see. At night, the safety vests are reflective, allowing the workers to be noticed easier.


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