How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

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The most common mistakes in an interview include failure to research the organization, overindulging about previous jobs, and interviewees not convincing interview panels that they want the job reveals David Schepp of AOL Jobs. The way interviewees dress, walk or acts has a 55 percent impact on the outcome of the interview. Avoid making such mistakes by preparing for interviews, such as technical interviews. Technical interviews often apply to those seeking positions in the engineering, IT or research industries. You can prepare for such interviews in various ways.

Review Job Description

Review the job description for the position to determine your strengths or weakness for the technical requirements. Improve on these weak areas prior to your interview or think of how you would respond to any questions regarding these weak areas. For example, develop extensive knowledge of C++ if required in the job description. Reviewing the job description also helps formulate any questions you might have for the interviewing panel.

Prepare Personal Summaries

Create two summaries about your work experience. The first one should last about 30 seconds while the second one should last 2 minutes. Such preparations are necessary for phone interviews, which often begin with ice-breakers like, “What motivates you for this job?” Preparing the two summaries about yourself saves you from the awkwardness from your inability to answer such questions. Preparation helps avoid choking at the beginning of the interview.

Rehearse Simulation Interview

Prepare for the likelihood of a simulation interview by brushing up on your knowledge of algorithm. Tackle online coding practice sessions, such as LeetCode -- an exercise that should take place at least 10 hours before the interview. Additionally, join a programming team in which you can acquire valuable and current ideas. When undertaking these rehearsals, improve on your problem-solving skills and creativity because your interviewer could ask you to fix specific bugs. Brain teasers, such as puzzle games, could also prepare you for your technical simulation interview.

Rehearse Technical Questions

Practice your answers to technical questions. Review previous technical projects that you have handled and indicated in your resume -- some of the interviewers’ questions may come from it. Study various sites on the Internet or magazines, which cover issues related to your desired career; such sources can enlighten you on the latest issues in the industry. Improve your communication skills, because interviewers will ask you questions to test your approach to various technical problems.