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How to Post for a Job Internally

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Many employers believe the best way to fill a job opening and find the perfect fit is to advertise outside the company or go to an employment agency. But sometimes the best person is already in the company. Before beginning the difficult process of looking outside to bring in someone new, try posting the job internally. The benefits of hiring within include higher employee satisfaction, less training time and significant cost savings.

Write up the job notice. Make the posting as descriptive as you would if you were advertising it outside the company. Include a detailed job description as well as necessary qualifications, skills, education, certification and experience.

Post the job on your Intranet site, through a company-wide email, or on a bulletin board in high-traffic common areas such as break rooms, near elevators and in hallways. Make sure everyone has a chance to see it, including those who work in branch offices or telecommute from home.

Instruct employees who want to apply to first notify their immediate supervisors.

Set up a process so all employees have an equal opportunity to apply for the opening. Provide the procedure for applying, whether it’s through human resources, a particular department or a supervisor.

Set up internal interviews with the best candidates.


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