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How to Find People Looking for a Job

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Even when employment rates are high, it doesn't take long to find someone looking for a job because they're either unemployed or looking for a position that's a better fit. Finding the right person for a job, however, takes longer and is not a task you should take lightly.

On average, it costs more than $4,000 to hire a new employee, a process that takes an average of 42 days. Hiring the right person for the job makes this a great investment. Inspired, energetic employees can be 50 percent more productive than those who are merely satisfied with their job. Those who are just satisfied can also reduce the productivity and increase the turnover of their co-workers.

Finding People Looking for Work

Almost everyone you meet or everyone passing by your business could be looking for a new job or knows somebody looking for a job. The best way to connect with these people is to get the word out that your business is hiring.

Employees: Ask your employees who they know who may be looking for work. Some companies offer bonuses or other incentives for employees who bring in a new hire.

Your Storefront: A "Now Hiring" sign in a window is an effective, low-cost way to find people looking for work. All you need is a window that faces the street.

Local Newspaper: Placing ads in community newspapers is usually inexpensive and a good way to find people locally.

Job Fairs: These are often held at schools and community centers. The latest trend is online job fairs, where neither you nor the job candidates travel across town to meet one another.

Workshops and Sales Booths: Any opportunity you can use to sell your product and create awareness for your business can be used to recruit employees. Begin by adding a "Now Hiring!" sign to your sign or banner.

Your Website: Adding an employment page with a job description for each position often attracts new hires. Adding a banner or pop-up to your homepage for a couple of weeks is even better.

Networking: Ask people you know if they know anyone who is looking for a new job. If you belong to professional associations, take extra business cards that your peers can hand out to people they know.

Using Employment Agencies and Job Boards

Employment agencies are good places to find job candidates quickly. For a fee, agencies collect resumes on your behalf, prescreen candidates and check references for you. For clerical positions and laborers, you can usually hire people on a temporary basis, something temp agencies specialize in.

In addition to giving employment agencies their resumes, people looking for jobs tend to congregate in the same online spaces that employers do. These include local job boards such as Craigslist, and national websites like, and Employers can either search these websites for job candidates or post their own ads.

Finding Job Hunters With LinkedIn

If you're looking for someone with specific skills, the best place to start is LinkedIn, the social media website designed specifically for professional networking. With a free account, you can create a personal status update informing your network that you are looking for an employee, as well as an update on your business page. LinkedIn also gives you the option to search for job candidates by their profession and location. Anyone who is looking for work can update their status to let potential employers know.

Leveraging Your Social Media Presence

Don't overlook other social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, for finding job hunters. Just post an update to let people know you're hiring, and you should soon get people sharing it with friends who are looking for a job. Use these services to pique people's interest. Keep your posts short and simple. For best results, your company's social media account should be well-maintained, up-to-date and engaged with its audience.


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