How to Find People Looking for a Job

By Claudia Stanic; Updated July 05, 2017
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Finding qualified job applicants has never been easier than in today's connected world. From online resources to in-person networking, opportunities abound. When launching your recruitment process, make sure you write a thorough job description. Include all job responsibilities and desired qualifications. Outlining these specifications on paper will ensure applicants are both interested in and qualified for the job. Recruiting new employees is stressful enough without having to wade through piles of unqualified resumes.

Job Fair

Job fairs offer abundant opportunities to connect with people searching for jobs. The events sometimes attract hundreds of job seekers looking to connect with potential employers. To seek out job fairs in your area, contact local newspapers, industry organizations or colleges. Maximize your chances of finding qualified applicants by announcing the fair on your website and company social media feeds. Come prepared to the fair with informational materials about your company, business cards and a folder to collect the resumes you'll receive.

Internet Resources

Technology has pushed many job-seeking activities online. Social media, in particular, has become a popular vehicle on which to search and post for jobs. Try posting your job advertisement on your company's Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page. Also consider paying to post the job announcement on online job boards such as, or If the position you want to fill requires significant technical expertise, try looking for an industry-specific board, such as those with the Public Relations Society of America or the Computing Research Association.

Colleges and Alumni Associations

Whether you seek an entry-level person or one with more experience, contacting local colleges and alumni associations may turn up promising applicant leads. For managers looking to fill an entry-level position, contact your local university's career services department. These departments will likely have on hand piles of resumes for upcoming graduates. Staff may also post your job announcement on an online board specifically for students. For managers who seek more experienced professionals, alumni associations are an often overlooked pool of workers. To take advantage of this resource, contact the person in charge of the association and inquire about the best method to advertise your opportunity. Some associations will have online boards for job opportunities while others may send announcements through email.

Internal Announcement

When looking to add to your team, try asking existing team members if they know of anyone qualified for the position. Chances are the talented people on your staff will have similarly talented friends. Make sure everyone in your office is aware of the job opening by sending out an email with the job announcement attached. Ask them to let you know if any family, friends or former coworkers are interested in the position.

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