An Objective in Resumes for Human Resources

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

You want your human resources objective to make your resume stand out among other resumes. The people who also apply for the same HR position have backgrounds similar to your own, so focus on how you want to make a contribution to the organization through the application of specific HR skills, and you will impress the hiring manager or recruiter.

Score with Goals

If you don't have a lot of experience to refer to in your resume, you can write an objective that connects your goals to the objectives of the organization. Show how you will help the company now and in the future. Paint yourself as a team player and a long-term asset to the firm with an objective like, "seeking a position as a Human Resources Analyst in which I can help the organization accomplish its recruiting and retention goals."

Sell Your Experience

Not all job applicants are trying to join an organization at the entry level. For these candidates, it doesn't hurt to sell the number of years of experience. If you have held a top leadership role in HR, make that clear in your objective. For example, say you are looking for "a position as a personnel director or HR director in an organization with at least 50 full-time employees." Including the size of the organization you want to work for helps recruiters understand your goals.

Target Government Vacancies

For government jobs, turn a portion of the job posting into your objective statement. Look at the general statement for the position and show how you want to be that person. For example, if you're applying in response to a Veterans Affairs posting for an HR specialist for information systems you might say, "secure a position where I can use my technical expertise to administer the implementation and maintenance of the Veterans Affairs HR information management system." Support this statement with experience that covers all requirements of the vacancy announcement.

Brand Yourself

Some resume writers opt for a branding statement instead of a resume objective. This statement accomplishes the same goal of introducing you and your resume, and is a shorter version of an elevator pitch. To brand yourself for any sector, write something catchy that accurately depicts your qualifications and goals. For example, write something like, "expert HR information systems analyst with background in government and nonprofit organizations, has a flair for increasing the combined technical knowledge of HR teams."