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Network technicians evaluate, install, troubleshoot and repair an organization's network hardware and software. If you've landed an interview for a job as a network technician, you might be prepared to showcase your technical experience and knowledge -- but don't forget the hiring team will also assess your professionalism, communication skills and ability to multitask.

Investigate the hiring company before you arrive on-site for the interview. Give thought to your experience and how it can be applied to the type and extent of technology needed based on the industry and size. If the IT department has job openings other than the one for which you're interviewing, take a look at each one to get a greater understanding of the company's specific IT environment.

Arrive for the interview on time. If you've never been to the location before, drive there before the interview day so you'll know exactly where you're going. Pay attention to construction, road closures and traffic conditions based on the specific time of the interview. When you're ready to take the drive for real, give yourself more time than you should actually need -- otherwise, a small fender-bender ahead of you could make you late.

Communicate effectively throughout the interview. Strong communicators use active listening skills and speak clearly. Stay attentive to what others are saying and show them that what they say matters. Have a notebook with you to take down notes. Also bring a copy of your resume and any information you might need to help you answer questions quickly and accurately. Maintain eye contact to foster trust.

Prove you know what it means to be a network technician. Describe some of the network designs with which you've worked. Ask questions about the hiring company's network infrastructure, their current needs, future projects and any challenges they're facing. Each answer they provide gives you greater insight into the workplace. Use this insight to show the hiring team how your skills can benefit them.

Describe some of the network problems you've encountered and the steps you've taken to analyze and resolve those problems without delay. A network is like the lifeblood of a company's business processes--when it goes down, transactions stop. No company can afford network downtime over an extended period. Show the hiring company that they'll be placing their network in good hands if they bring you on board.


The interview team will see that you can work well under pressure, if you can maintain your composure and confidence throughout the interview. Also remember to be personable, polite and positive.


Remember not to share proprietary information about your previous employers' networks or problems they've encountered.