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What Are the Duties of an IT Department?

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The information technology department in an organization is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software and networking of computers in the company. As an IT professional, you perform a number of duties to ensure that employees have full access to the computer systems. Professionals working in the department may be responsible for one area of IT for the company, such as programming, website updates or technical support.


As a programmer, you are responsible for creating new programs for the organization. Some programmers create programs that are specific to the needs of the organization, such as an application to manage human resources, run a piece of manufacturing equipment, track inventory, process work orders or complete any task the organization needs accomplished.

Company Website

The IT department creates and maintains the company's website. The webmaster and other professionals in the IT department design the layout of the site, write the programming code and test the site for its usability. A company website can be an informational site providing contact information for the public as well as a commercial site that sells products directly to consumers. You may also be responsible for the intranet, an internal network and website only available to company employees.

Technical Support

The IT department in any organization provides support to computer users in the company. This can include installing new software, repairing hardware problems, installing new hardware, troubleshooting problems and training employees how to use new software programs. Many businesses maintain an IT help desk in the company to assist employees with computer-related issues.


IT professionals are also responsible for installing and setting up the computer network in an organization. You would work in this capacity to ensure that the network is operating properly and that all employees have the ability to communicate through the internet and company intranet. Professional information technology employees keep the system secure and troubleshoot the system in the event of a problem.


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