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How Much Do Life Coaches Get Paid?

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Over the years, life coaching has developed into a popular service. You don't need any specific training to declare yourself a life coach, so people claiming the title pop up in all areas of business, relationships and health issues. In general, life coaches guide their clients through a certain issue, help clients onto a path of new discovery or move them toward a discipline. The salary you can expect varies as much as your job duties as a coach.

General Life Coach

While different categories exist for life coaching, some take on the task of tackling a client's issues in general, like being shy, unmotivated or not living up to one's potential. Twenty percent of registered life coaches claim to make $100,000 or more per year, Forbes reports. While this kind of income is possible, you'll likely need to successfully market your services to make that much.

Relationship Life Coach

Anyone who’s ever been in a romantic relationship probably understands how a relationship life coach can help. The closer you get emotionally to another human being, the more likely you are to have misunderstandings. That’s where your services as a relationship life coach come into play. Relationship coaches help people communicate better with their loved ones, and if you salvage someone’s family or marriage, you prove to be priceless. According to SimplyHired.com, you can expect to earn $30 to $40 per hour, with an average annual salary of $65,000.

Health Life Coach

With obesity an epidemic around the world and related health issues at an all-time high, health life coaches are more important than ever. Health coaches help clients form better fitness routines, modify eating habits and overcome other behaviors in their lives that create an unhealthy environment. While what you charge as a health coach depends on certifications, experience and geographical locations, Health Coach Certifications states that a health life coach may charge $80 to $100 per hour as a fair going rate. If you attracted enough clients to keep yourself working full time, you can anticipate making a six-figure income as a health coach.

Business Life Coach

A business life coach helps clients form strategies to grow their clientele and increase their financial bottom line. Also known as an executive coach, this type of coach may offer guidance in the form of sporadic strategy sessions or weekly goal-setting meetings. Entrepreneurs will utilize your services as a business coach to help them brainstorm new ideas. While what executive coaches charge varies depending on their expertise, Indeed.com states as an example that business coaches in Texas can expect to make around $62,000 a year.