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How to Become a Pageant Coach

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Pageant coaches guide beauty pageant contestants as they train for competitions. Through interview preparation, wardrobe consultation and runway walk training, pageant coaches use their expertise to bring out the best in every contestant. Pageant coaches are usually industry veterans who draw their extensive knowledge as past beauty queens, pageant directors or choreographers to guide clients in their journey towards winning a title. The most successful pageant coaches boast a roster of beauty pageant competition winners.

Become a pageant industry expert and continuously develop well-rounded pageant industry experiences. Attend state, local and national competitions regularly. Become a local pageant judge. Compete as a contestant (if possible) in order to bring an additional perspective to future clients and to inspire with your personal pageant successes. Stay abreast of the latest industry trends by subscribing to leading pageantry trade magazines, reading pageant blogs and keeping up with popular fashion magazines.

Network and develop key contacts in the industry. Learn from pageant directors and judges what they seek in a potential titleholder. Talk to reigning and past titleholders about what services they believe a coach should offer.

Determine whether to operate independently or as a consultant with an already-established coaching firm. Launch a website. Draft a clear list of the services you're offering.

Advertise coaching services via pageantry magazines, word of mouth and through a social media presence. Become a vendor at a pageant trade event. Be clear about your services and experience in the field.

Offer free services to prospective clients online, like sample interview questions, podcasts with pageant tips or even a newsletter. Make offers, discounts and introductory rates for new clients, and create different service “packages” based on individual clients’ needs. Develop a relationship with a local boutique to offer discounts through your coaching service.

Be available to clients as a mentor even after their competition experience is over. Request that former clients write testimonials that you can include on your website and in advertising materials.


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