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Monarch 1131 Label Loading Instructions

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The Monarch 1131 is a hand-held pricing gun produced by the Avery Dennison company. The manually operated labeler prints a single line of interchangeable characters, allowing retailers to quickly produce and apply custom price labels. The labeler has a 2,500-label capacity which reduces the frequency with which labels must be loaded. Monarch 1131 label-loading instructions are fairly simple and won't take much time.

Hold the label gun upright in the position used for labeling. Locate the latches on either side of the top front of the gun, behind the character printers. Pull the latches back, then lift the cover back toward you until you hear a click.

Tear off the first 10 inches from the roll of labels. Locate the two label holders inside the circular part of the bottom of the gun body. Place the roll of labels between the holders with the label tape feeding over the top toward the front of the gun, so that 5 to 6 inches of label tape hang past the front of the gun. Close the cover.

Turn the label gun upside down and hold the trigger in a depressed position. Locate the roller bar on the front of the gun below the arrow. Place the end of the label strip over the roller and into the slot beneath the arrow.

Hold the label tape loosely in place and depress the trigger eight times to feed the tape out the exit on the rear. Remove loose labels and discard.

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