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Tools Used by Mechanical Engineers

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Mechanical engineers use several kinds of tools to help them prepare technical drawings, test equipment, investigate equipment and monitor the production of machinery. Mechanical engineers are trained to use these tools with precision in a variety of areas, including indoor workplaces, outdoor installations and through design research.

Cold Forming Press

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This tool is used when mechanical engineers are working with fused deposition modeling machines and rapid thermal processing systems. The cold forming press operates on a vertical platform. It uses punches, dies and hydraulic power to create finished shaped parts. Cold forming presses use manual or automatic feed systems.

Flow Meters

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Engineers use flow meters to measure the linear, non-linear, mass and volumetric flow rates of liquids and gases. Mechanical engineers determine whether vibrations or magnetic fields are present through using flow meters. Also, flow meters determine the minimum and maximum flows that can be measured with each application. Flow meters include digital particle image velocimeters and Laser Doppler anemometers.

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Vibration Isolators

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This tool is used to prevent vibration during machinery production. Vibration can damage or disturb equipment, and vibration isolators keep vibration frequencies low. Negative-stiffness vibration isolators, a specialized version of this tool, help lower the compression pre-load of machinery, which reduces frequency for a higher performance ratio.

Semiconductor Process Systems

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Mechanical engineers use these tools to safely transfer and process semiconductor articles such as circuit wafers, flat panel displays and data disks. Also, mechanical engineers can test for and fix problems with this tool during the fabrication process. Semiconductor process systems include spin coaters, wafer bonding systems and wire bonders.

Computer Software

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Computer software provides a visual way to design tools and machinery, through presenting analytical and scientific applications for mechanical engineers. Software programs used in this profession include Ladder Logic, AutoCAD, Microsoft Visual Basic and Mathworks MATLAB.

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