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Places to Get a Forklift License

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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, you must participate in a training course before operating a forklift. Furthermore, by adding a forklift license to your resume, you can make yourself a more competitive applicant for a new job or for a promotion at your current workplace. Several options for acquiring your forklift license exist to accommodate your location and learning style.

Current Workplace

If you are currently working at a workplace that uses forklifts as part of the operation, inquire about obtaining your forklift license. Ask a human resources representative when the next scheduled training session will be and be sure you sign up. Many employers will have a class of employees receiving their training at the same time. If you work for a small company and no forklift license training is available, still ask your employer about the license. Your employer can arrange a private training session for you with a certified trainer if they have a personal investment in you.


Many technical schools and colleges offer employment advancement programs. This includes training for a forklift license. Call local technical colleges in your area to see if this option is available. Classes typically take one day to complete and you will receive certification of completing your forklift training.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Forklift Company

Many companies that sell forklifts also offer training courses. For example, Boman Forklift in Commerce, California sells forklifts and offers a training course that includes two to three hours of classroom instruction, an hour of driving evaluation, an instructional video and a written exam. National Lift Company offers a similar program throughout Arkansas, Indiana and Georgia. Check your local dealer for a class near you.

Private Organization

Several companies exist across the nation that specialize in offering training opportunities for employers and employees. USA Forklift License, Forklift Academy and United Forklift License are just a few of private organizations that offer forklift certification programs. Classes range from a two-hour on-site class at the facility to an online course you complete on your own schedule.

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