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Teller Appreciation Ideas

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Bank tellers are the front line in bank's customer relations, serving as the face of the bank to the public. Recognizing and appreciating tellers can be done during Teller Appreciation Week, the first week in October, or year round. Showing your bank tellers how much you appreciate them improves morale and honors the work that they do.

Stellar Teller Award

Honor outstanding tellers with a Stellar Teller award. Bank tellers who meet or exceed standards for balancing, customer service, and days without errors receive a certificate, or star-shaped cookies. Winners of the "Stellar Teller" award could earn star lapel pins to wear.

Teller Station Decorations

Whether celebrating Teller Appreciation week or another holiday, decorating the teller stations according to a theme keeps the workplace interesting and gives the lobby a fun atmosphere. Include a small basket or coffee mug of snacks or candy for each teller to keep at their station. Choose a mug that matches the decorations to tie in to the theme but also give each teller a small gift.

Teller Survival Kits

Assemble small gift baskets of items the tellers use while interacting with customers all day. Include hand sanitizer, hand lotion, bandages (for paper cuts), lollipops (for handing out to children) and chocolate or another sweet treat for the teller. Include a note describing each item and thanking the teller for all they do.

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