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Cremation License Requirements

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To obtain your cremation license, you will need to file an application with your specific state’s Cemetery and Funeral Board. They will provide you with a list of requirements that could include certain fees, additional permits, statements and even a floor plan of your crematorium. The actual requirements will vary between states, so it is always best to check with your own board before proceeding with your application.

Form and Fees

You must fill out the appropriate request forms as designated by your state to obtain your cremation license. The form will provide information about the crematory’s location, ownership, and information regarding any existing partnerships. There is also an initial filing fee that must be paid when the forms are filed.


Before you can get your crematory license you must obtain specific operational permits. The local air-pollution control district will need to give you a permit to operate a crematorium in the designated area. Also, you will have to have a land or zoning permit as well as a deed, or lease agreement, to show your rights to the property.


Your state’s Cemetery and Funeral Board may request certain statements before you can get your license. Financial statements will be needed to show your assets and liabilities. You will also need to provide a statement detailing your operations plan: what you will sell, and to whom you will you sell these products. The operations plan should also detail price lists for goods and public services.

Floor Plans

To obtain your cremation license, you may also be asked to provide floor plans of the crematory and buildings. These floor plans will be assessed to determine if the proposed crematory will have adequate capacity to store cremated and non-cremated remains.


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