Facilities Manager Objectives

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A facilities manager plans and develops facilities and new construction for various organizations. School districts, for instance, employ such individuals. These facilities manager plan and manage to ensure that jobs are completed within deadlines and meet regulatory guidelines. Another objective for a facilities manager is to watch the organization’s annual facilities budgets. A facilities manager may also assist other personnel to support them in completing work activities.

Develop Plans

A facilities manager develops short-term and long-term facilities programs in order to make sure that an organization is making the best use of its resources. These include emergency management plans and emergency response plans.

Project Management

Another aspect of a facilities manager’s job is to undertake managerial tasks to fulfill objectives. To this end, a facilities manager has to inspect new construction, repair work and daily maintenance tasks to make sure that jobs are completed as scheduled. As well, these inspections serve to ensure that specifications for such projects are according to state, local and federal guidelines. She will have to make some mandated reports to the government authorities. As well, she will have to develop construction contracts and specifications for bids. Another management objective for a facilities manager is to research new products and laws for the purpose of making purchase recommendations and for maintaining facilities services. And he reviews and approves inspection reports to ensure that the work meets specifications and also conforms to local, state and federal regulations.

Cost Control

Budgeting so as to ensure cost control is another objective of a facilities manager’s job. He develops and manages an annual budget so as to make sure that expenditures don’t exceed the limits of the budget. He also reviews and approves payment requests in order to make sure that the work is completed within the budget allocation.