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The Top Excuses to Call Out of Work

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In a recent survey by an online career site, one in four employers realize that employees are using phony excuses to stay home from work. According to the survey, 29 percent of workers blew off work at least once this year. The main reason is burnout and stress. Sometimes, employees could just use a much-needed day off. Be careful, however; 29 percent of employers reported they checked up on workers who called in sick, asking for a doctor's note or driving by their home just to ensure they were really sick. Getting caught lying to your boss won't do much for your career.

Headache Excuse

"Sorry boss, but I can't come in today. I have a real bad headache." How many times have you woken up with a headache, especially after staying out late? It makes it nearly impossible to go to work. Add some sympathy to the excuse and say it's a migraine headache.

Bad Food Excuse

"I had some bad food last night. I'm feeling it today. I think I have food poisoning." Nobody wants to be at work with a crampy, bloated and gassy tummy. Your boss, as well as your co-workers, will understand.

No Baby Sitter Excuse

"My wife had to work today. So I stayed home to watch the kids because we can't find anyone at the last minute." The family with kids has more days off than anyone in the entire office. Do something fun.

Vehicle Excuses

"I can't get my car to start. I think the battery is dead." This is a good excuse to guarantee you'll have the entire day off. Another good one is telling your boss that you ran out of gas on your way to work. He may give you an "E" for effort.

Home Emergency Excuse

"The toilet overflowed this morning and water has flooded my bathroom." If that one has been used try, "My garage door won't close." Home emergencies need immediate attention. How many times has your boss used this excuse?

Family Excuses

"My mother needs a ride to the doctor today." Using the family is the most popular excuse. Whether it's a sick child or grandmother going into a nursing home, you will certainly get the day off. The variety of family excuses is endless.


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