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Benefits of a Day Care in the Workplace

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Child care concerns account for workplace absences, lost productivity and employee turnover. However, companies that have on-site child care available either full time or on a drop-in basis find it beneficial to employees and the company's bottom line. Employees report decreased parental anxiety, feeling happier at work and feeling less stressed about balancing work and family.

Improves Productivity

Researchers have found that 90 percent of parents using full-service, on-site day care centers report increased concentration and productivity on the job. On-site child care reduces stress and eliminates worry because parents no longer have to find reliable, acceptable and proximity-close care. Because of this, an employee's attention is on work and not elsewhere.

Helps Retain and Attract Employees

Parents know that affordable, dependable and good child care can be hard to find. Because of this, parents are grateful for the child-care option and view it as a significant and necessary employee benefit.

According to Pew Research 2021 Study 52% percent of parents with children under 12 say it has been difficult to handle childcare duties. The percentage rises to 57% percent for working mothers.

Creates Good Morale

Good benefits translate to happy, appreciated employees. After giving birth or adopting a child, women often contemplate staying at home versus working. Almost 90 percent of parents stated that one of the determining factors in returning to work was the support of an on-site day care center. When employees feel valued and supported, satisfaction, work engagement and motivation rises.

Offers Emotional Security

When children are nearby, parents and children feel less separation anxiety. Parents can check in during a lunch break or when the workload allows, for example, for reasons such as nursing or finding out how a child with a cold is faring. In addition, there's comfort in knowing a child is cared for by someone who is associated with the company a parent works at.


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