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Security Guard Checklist

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A security guard watches out for uncommon events, prevents theft, guards a facility or item and otherwise works in the business of keeping things safe. Whether the guard works during the day or night, there are items that a guard should always watch out for. A security checklist will vary with each facility or the specific item, object or location that the guard keeps watch over, but there are certain common keys to any security guard's checklist.

Doors and Windows Check

A security guard's checklist should include noting if any doors or windows are unlocked, especially on a night shift. Some facilities will open the windows during the day, but the night shift should have all doors and windows closed. A guard’s checklist will determine if there was anything open. Open doors and windows are signs for a thief to get into the facility.

Rounds Checklists

A rounds checklist is a small list of items for the security guard to note during their rounds or the time that they are walking through a specific area. This should include items such as unlocked doors, damage, odd items, lights turned on or anything that could arouse suspicion during the night.

Alarm Checklist

A security guard should always notice if an alarm is tampered with, damaged, broken or otherwise odd. Since alarms are a key point of security and safety, this checklist includes items like the fire alarm, security alarm and any other alarm system the building might have. Anytime a security guard comes on duty and notices something odd, they should go ahead and check if everything is okay. The checklist can remind him about verifying the alarms on a daily basis.

Extra Items

Any building that has extra items, such as elevators or outdoor fences, the checklist should carry a note about these items. This ensures the security guard remembers to check the items and locations and is unlikely to forget. Any extra security measures should be noted on the checklist, including employees that potentially work late and might throw off round checks.

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