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Tips on How to Repair a Pallet Jack

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Pallet jacks are tools that are used to raise up pallets loaded down with heavy materials. When a pallet jack malfunctions, it can be a real pain to diagnose the problem. Whenever repairs are necessary, there are a couple of things to look for to get a quick fix.


For powered pallet jacks, the first thing you should do is make sure that you turn off all power running through the unit. Turn off the power source, take out the key and if you really want to be safe, then unhook the battery from the rest of the unit. Safety is a major concern with pallet jack repair and it's important that you take out any potential for electric shock or the possibility that the unit will get powered up unintentionally and cause injury to the person attempting to repair it.


Pallet jacks work off of hydraulic power, and as a result there are a number of different fluids that are used inside these tools. So when you're trying to diagnose a problem, make sure to check for leaks. Check the floor and examine all of the fluid seals on the pallet jack to see whether you've lost pressure inside the tool. Determine whether that's the reason for the problems you're experiencing.

Frame Check

When you're trying to repair a pallet jack, keep in mind that these tools may go through some pretty rough use in the course of their employment. They might get slammed into the walls of trucks or jammed into small spaces, and all of that can lead to some damage to the frame and body. When you're repairing a pallet jack, and you can't quite figure out why it's canting to one side or why the tines won't move up, examine the frame to see if it's been dented or if it's getting in the way of normal operation.


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