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Careers for Women Over 60

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Americans are living longer lives. For some women, age 60 is too young to settle down and retire. Recent economic events have had such a negative effect on 401K plans and other retirement savings vehicles that retiring is just not an option. For many women, turning 60 is a new and exciting start.

Angel Investor

An angel investor is an individual who provides capital to fund a new or existing business in exchange for a profit, and possibly some ownership. Thoroughly research the business and the individuals behind it to determine if you are investing in the right business and people. There is a high risk associated with angel investing, so invest only money that you have not designated for retirement.


As an entrepreneur you can start your own business, be your own boss and work flexible hours. You can start a business from scratch or open a franchise. Some other occupations to consider include freelance writer, tutor and virtual assistant. "Bloomberg Business Week" reported that there has been a surge in businesses run by seniors. Becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity to make money and stay occupied with a passion or hobby you may have. According to Fairleigh Dickinson University, women entrepreneurs make up nearly 50 percent of all U.S. businesses.


A politician is a person who runs for election for a government position. If you are not ready to be mayor, you can run for a seat on the school board or city council. You will have local exposure and the opportunity to meet a lot of influential people. Having a political position is a great way to use your years of experience and knowledge to make a positive impact on your community.


Mediators listen to the disputes of two parties and use their expertise to help them find common ground and come to an agreement. As is often said, “with age comes wisdom.” A mediator position allows you to use your many years of life experiences to help others resolve their issues. This is a highly desirable field, so you may find it difficult getting your foot in the door.