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List of Jobs That Hire Teenagers Only

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Finding a job can be difficult, especially if you are a teenager. Many places of employment only want to hire adults or candidates with experience. This can be frustrating for teens looking to make some extra cash while in high school or wanting to save up for college or a car. Fortunately, there are places willing to hire teens; it's just a matter of finding them and making yourself known in the working world.


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Teens4Hire is a great resource focused on giving 14 -19 year-olds the opportunities they are seeking. In order to obtain great resources for finding jobs geared towards teens, you just need to register with this free membership-based program. Teens4Hire seeks out businesses that employ teens and grants easy access to all job opportunities. So whether you are looking for some spending money or want to build experience in a certain field, Teens4Hire is an excellent place to get a job that will grant exposure to future possibilities.

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Summer Jobs for Teens

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A prime time of year to find a job if you are a teen is during the summer. Obviously, this is a time of high availability for most teens, being out of school, and when employers are often seeking extra assistance. However, it is easier for older teens to obtain these jobs than younger teens. Legally, you must be 14 to work, however opportunities are few at this age. LovetoKnow is a great site that provides examples of jobs for younger teens, such as child/pet care, yard work, odd jobs/errands and many more. Along with this, jobs listed for older teens include fast food restaurants, movie theaters, zoos and amusement parks to name a few.

Camp Counselor Jobs

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The position of camp counselor is specifically geared toward teens who seek work and fun. MySummerCamps is a website that provides teens with all the information needed to find the right camp for employment. The search options include location, type of camp (i.e. religious, sports, art, family, etc.) and gender of participants. There is also a list of featured employers that want to get the word out that they are looking to add to their staff.


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